174/B Hate Crimes


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PanoDrama’s newes production mixes the verbatim method they are known for with Augusto Boal’s community theatre methods reinvented. The show follows Hungarian hate crime legislation from its birth, through the interpretation and application of the law up to its abuse. For in Hungary the very paragraph that is supposed to defend minorities is turned against them.  
Three concurrent showcase trials accuse Hungarian Gypsies with attacking “Hungarians” out of racial hatred. PanoDrama’s research follows the trials, original interviews conducted by the team include those with victims, suspects, the man on the street and civil servants of the legal system: lawyers, district attorneys, judges, policemen etc. The star-cast show ends with a jury of 12 selected from the civilians, whom two drama teachers have been working with every weekend for three-month. The jury will discuss one case each night and if they agree, they’ll bring back a verdict.

Performed by:
Bartsch Kata, Csákányi Eszter, Kádas József, Nagy ViktorÖrdög Tamás, Szamosi Zsófi, Urbanovits Krisztina, and a jury of 12 civilians
Video: Balogh Balázs, Taskovics Éva
Documentation: Bíró Dénes
Composer: Melis László
Volunteers: Gábor Sára, Szilágyi Áron, Vajda Viktória
Dramaturgy: Garai Judit, Hárs Anna, Merényi Anna
Commmunity theatre project: Feuer Yvette, Szabó Veronika
Concept, creative producer: Lengyel Anna

Sponsors: NEFMI, NKA, OSI, Kultúra Program, Szinhaz.hu
coproduction with Archa Theatre, Stanica Žilina – Zarečie and 5teKwartier