“Dad, please …! I call you back later, okay? At the moment I am quite busy…
But….have you eaten anything for lunch? Have you taken your pills?”

Aquarium is a family story. The story of Eszter and his father’s relationship. A story about dementia, love and viscious circles. How much are young people responsible for their elderly parents?  Through a playful participatory exploration the audience explore love, responsibilities and autonomy in the Aquarium. Devised and performed by Gabor Csaba Marton, Hanna Montvai, Orsolya Schefcsik, Veronika Szabo.

This performance was created for young adults at IDEA Paris theatre and education residency in 2013.

Show dates:

Maison de’ll Geste Image, 2013, Paris

Kapolcs Fesztival, 2014

MU Theatre, 2014 Budapest.