Connecting Memories

CONNECTING MEMORIES was a community theatre project of the european Flying Fish collective (France, Spain, Hungary, Netherlands and Belgium) that happened between the 18th of August and the 3rd of September 2014 in Medina de Rioseco, Spain.  Flying Fish worked with variousperforming arts methodologies and put them into practice within the community.Its aims were both to structure a base for the collective’s activities development and to experiment some methodologies working with a community on the following topics: intergenerational relationship, memory and transmission. The process and the performance were site specific. It happened in the old bread factory. It was performed by elderly and youg people. The partners are: Guts (Netherlands), Forum Company (Hungary), Ab Ovo (France) and the CRossborder (Spain).

To know more about it :

The project was a collaboration between The CThis project has been supported by the Erasmus + program of European Union, Medina de Rioseco City Hall and the Valladolid Regional Council.