“Dad, please …!
I call you back later, okay? I am busy at the moment…
Have you eaten anything for lunch? Have you taken your pills?

No…of course…no problem…

Don’t ever say anything like that.”

In the Aquarium we ask ourselves that as young adults how far we have to go for our aging parents, how far our responsibility reaches in light of our own lives. It is important to learn to talk and think about the issue so sudden decisions and long-lasting guilt will not affect us later on. Through playful forms we use thought provoking methods to help them think about the question: how much work, duty and responsibility an adult person has towards his parents and to him- or herself.

This theatre in education performance was created for young adults at IDEA Paris in 2013.

It was performed in Maison de’ll Geste Image, 2013, Paris, Kapolcs Fesztival and MU Theatre, 2014 Budapest.

Devised and performed by Gabor Csaba Marton, Hanna Montvai, Orsolya Schefcsik, Veronika Szabo.

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