War Paint by Mummy`s Sloppy Honey

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Theatre Installation

War-Paint is an intimate, honest and personal approach to some of the questions we face as women today. In a short installation overlaid with interviews, we invite our audience to join us in the bathroom to explore the ‘getting ready’ process.
In a world where we are swamped with unattainable imagery on social media, magazines, advertising and pornography, yet encouraged to embrace our naked bodies, feminine side and sexuality, we want to share close up the personal, sometimes painful, sometimes messy rituals of transformation that we never talk about or show, as well as the pleasure, artistry and thought that goes into applying each bobby pin or false eyelashes.

Devised and performed by Cassie Symes, Georgina Thomas, India Georgina Smith, Veronika Szabo


18th June, Let me in festival, Berlin

more dates are coming soon